Live roulette is preferable for a number of reasons.  The main one is the safety.  You know that the games are not going to be rigged.  Regular electronic roulette is safe enough but when 10 reds in a row come out you got to wonder whether the roulette table is rigged or not.  With live roulette, you don’t have those problems.


As you playing with a physical wheel its a lot harder to rig.  Its not impossible but its harder to do so.  The thing that makes it totally fair though is that you are playing with lots of other people online.  If the casino was to rig the roulette game against you, the other players would benefit.

For example, you decide to bet on red and the casino wants you to lose.  The casino would have to rig the table to have a black or 0 to spin.  If you were another player sat at the table, then you could win by simply betting on black or zero.  Its as simple as that.  Thats why live roulette is totally fair and transparent.

Not only that, the likes of Gala Coral, Ladbrokes and William Hill all use a third provider.  There is no way they would rig the tables even if they wanted to.  No provider is going to risk their reputation rigging a table for one operator.

The downside of live, is that its a bit slower so you can’t play as many games but for most, that would actually be a good thing as the more you play, the more you are likely to lose.

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